Our History

鶹AV Board and Principal announced a Master Plan revisioning that commenced in April 2023.

Some Background...

鶹AV opened in 2005, catering for students in Prep to Year 3 with the full complement of classes through to Year 12 being reached in 2013. The current number of student enrolments is approximately 1150.

In its founding decade, the College experienced substantial student growth and pedagogical development. In that time a clearer understanding began to emerge of the local community’s educational preferences and expectations for their children. This knowledge was informed by the College’s active engagement in community consultation and responses to that feedback. As a result, strategic decisions were made to develop the school’s built environment to support various new elective subjects alongside core curricula.

The Strategic Plan 2006 – 2008 was fully realised at the end of 2008. The outcomes for each key performance areas were achieved with a strong culture of professional learning for staff, established key learning programs, a strong commitment to the vision and ethos of the College, consistent enrolment growth and a Master Plan for a P-12 educational precinct. This provided a strong foundation on which to build our great school.

A new strategic plan was developed for 2009 – 2011. Key strategic priorities in the areas of a safe environment for students, providing the best teachers, a seamless curriculum from Prep to Year 12, reviewing the Master Plan and effective governance were identified.

With our future focused approach to education we strive to nurture the whole child and it is indeed an honour to play a role in shaping their lives, developing their intellect, their spirit and their character. I can think of no other work that could be more rewarding or enjoyable.
Jeanette Fuller | TLC Principal 2006-2011

2012 was a transition year that commenced with a new leadership structure and the appointment of a new Principal and the first Head of Primary. Staff, students and parents embraced the changes that occurred and welcomed the new initiatives and developments.

The implementation of the 2012-2017 Strategic Plan included the development of operational plans and communication strategies, in particular aiming to provide leadership and sound governance to ensure the long-term success and sustainability of 鶹AV. Seven themes were identified and centred on Academic Excellence, Spiritual Development, Identity, Citizenship, Communication, Infrastructure and Finance and Administration.

A large part of what we do differently at 鶹AV is our approach to learning. We encourage a responsible attitude to work and instil values, standards and good discipline as the foundations for quality teaching and learning.
Simon Armstrong | TLC Principal 2012-2020

The following key themes were identified in the 2018-2020 Strategic Plan:

  • Partnerships
  • Culture
  • Sustainability
  • Learning
  • Service

As the College reached the age of 16 and started to enter into adulthood, the Board and Senior Executive recognised that 鶹AV was at a new point in its journey and developed the 2021-2023 Strategic Horizon. The following questions shaped how we set the strategic direction of the College.

  • What is our narrative and character?
  • To what are we being called?
  • How will we steward what we have been entrusted with?

Intertwined within each of these three main questions were the following focuses:

  • Being a College of Choice
  • Being a College that clearly and simply articulates its mission as a ministry of the Uniting Church
  • Being a College which operates as a high performance team.

20 Years Later...

Now, 20 years old, 鶹AV continues to develop and over the last three years has embarked on a transformative journey, aiming to unravel its identity through the revision of the College's 2025-2030 Master Plan.

The collaborative efforts with the community during 2022 and 2023 included parents, carers, students, Board members and staff, culminating in the identification of five key Lakes Learner capabilities:

  • Faith
  • Knowledge
  • Curiosity
  • Character
  • Connection

The College understands that these Lakes Learner capabilities are integral attributes, required by learners from Prep through to Year 12. They provide a foundation for students to develop a strong sense of identity and purpose.

Nicole Gregory:

"The revisioning of our Master Plan in 2023 has empowered us to strategically cultivate these learner attributes. We are now in the process of devising programs, creating spaces and envisioning places that contribute to the holistic development of young individuals. We are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to share the completed Master Plan with our families in July." [Nicole Gregory, TLC Principal 2021-Current]

2005 - Founding Year

鶹AV OPENS! Mr Tony Watt (CEO of EDUCANG 2005) hands over the keys to the Site Office. 鶹AV originated as a collaborative effort between the Anglican Church of Australia and the Uniting Church. From its inception until 2008, it was managed by EDUCANG Limited, which also oversaw Forest Lake College, Mary McConnel School, The FLC International Centre and The Springfield College.

In the first initial months of 2005, Prep to Year 3 classes were conducted at North Lakes Library, which is now the Secondary campus for the local state school. Geoff Fouracre was the College's first Principal, followed by Celia Kirby who was Acting Principal until Jeanette Fuller took up the permanent position of Principal from 2006 - 2011. Simon Armstrong was Principal of 鶹AV from 2012 - 2020 and saw our first Year 12 cohort graduate in 2013. Nicole Gregory is now the Principal of 鶹AV, having commenced in December 2020.

Below are photos from TLC's very first school day, featuring Mr Fouracre warmly welcoming students!

2006 - TLC's First Master Plan is Developed

The first initial Master Plan of 鶹AV.

2008 - Initiation of Secondary School

2008 marked a pivotal moment in our history with the initiation of Secondary education, signifying a crucial milestone in our continuous journey of growth. While our Primary School had already established itself successfully, the focus now turned to developing Secondary education. The College planted 14 trees around the campus, each signifying a student from our first ever graduating class of 2013. These trees still stand today.

The Uniting Church in Australia Qld Synod also took sole ownership of the College in 2008. A significant moment in our history, where 鶹AV separated from EDUCANG Ltd and established its' own Board. While the ownership of 鶹AV was to be vested in the Uniting Church in Australia, Qld Synod, the College continued to provide an ecumenical education for their students by continuing to have a close professional relationship with Forest Lake College and The Springfield College.

The images below are of some of our first Secondary students in Year 7 and 8.

Some more photos from our early days...


A new strategic plan was developed for 2009 – 2011. Key strategic priorities in the areas of a safe environment for students, providing the best teachers, a seamless curriculum from Prep to Year 12, reviewing the Master Plan and effective governance were identified.

2013 - Our First Graduating Cohort

Our inaugural Year 12 cohort graduate from 鶹AV. Fourteen students made up our first cohort of Seniors, with many of them still connected to the College today.

2015 - Master Plan Complete

The 2015-2020 Master Plan focused on the development of the College's environment to support new elective subjects alongside the core curricula and student population over the next 10 years and beyond, with consideration for the future organisation of site functions and facilities.

2021 - Master Plan | Stage 1 - Complete

Our strategic roadmap for 2021 centered around enhancing our Sporting Facilities and creating accessible spaces for community use. This marked a pivotal milestone for both the College and the community, given North Lakes' rapid growth in Queensland. The development presented an excellent chance to strengthen our ties with the local community. The initiation of Stage 1 for our Aquatic Precinct and the simultaneous commencement and opening of Stage 1 for our Multi-Purpose Hall in 2022 marked significant progress in achieving our goals.

Following a grant from the Commonwealth Government, Stage 1 of our Aquatic Precinct was opened in 2022 and features an 8-lane 25m heated swimming pool with ramp access, large fully equipped amenities area with showers and bathrooms and a dedicated PWD facility onsite.

Another significant moment of 2022 was the opening of our Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH). The State Government supported the build of this impressive state-of-the-art indoor sporting facility that includes four convertible indoor courts that are equipped for basketball (2 courts that include a show court plus three score boards), badminton (4 courts), volleyball (2 courts), netball, futsal and other sporting opportunities. The new build also included three additional classrooms with one of these being a dedicated strength and conditioning gym, a large office space and staffroom, change rooms and toilets designed to cater for both school and community use, storage rooms plus an additional car park.

2021 - Master Plan | Stage 2 - Under Development

Stage 2 of our Aquatic Precinct and Multi-Purpose Hall commenced construction in 2023/2024. Our Aquatic Precinct will feature a dedicated Learn to Swim Facility that will support our local community and also the Prep - Year 2 PE Curriculum Swimming Program. The infill of the undercroft of our MPH will support our Performing Arts program.

Stage 2 of our Aquatic Precinct commenced construction at the end of 2023 and is due to open in October 2024. This will feature a dedicated Learn to Swim Facility with an indoor, heated, 20m learn-to-swim pool, a shaded, elevated Grandstand adjacent to the existing outdoor pool that will comfortably seat 500 spectators, direct access from Car Park 1 with additional PWD ramp access plus additional large amenities and office spaces.

The commencement of Stage 2 of the MPH in 2024 will mark a significant milestone for our Performing Arts. The MPH infill development is due for completion at the beginning of 2025 and will feature Music classrooms and Tutor rooms, a Band room, Recording Studio that links to a variety of rehearsal spaces, a separate Dance and Drama Studio for our growing classroom and extra-curricular programs that has capacity to open up into a larger performance venue and a dedicated Strength and Conditioning Gym that is set to enhance our Secondary HPE classes, Athletics and Swimming programs.

2025 Revisioning of Master Plan - Coming Soon!

The 2025-2030 Master Plan is currently under planning development and is due to be released in July 2024.

Future Stages

The College will always be growing, subsequent Master Plan stages will deliver additional classrooms, upgraded Primary and Secondary School spaces, all while paying homage to the surrounding green spaces.


Does the Master Plan build mean there are more student spaces available?
Are there any more buildings to come in the Master Plan?
What is the timeline for the completion of the Master Plan build?
Will the building disrupt my child’s learning?
Will there be a day care coming as part of the Master Plan?

Does the Master Plan build mean there are more student spaces available?

At this stage, the Master Plan will only ever allow for three streams throughout the Primary School. The College Board announced in April 2021 that the College would cater for four streams in the Secondary School (an increase from three) from 2022, commencing with Year 7.

Are there any more buildings to come in the Master Plan?

Yes! There are further stages of the Master Plan planned, including a new Research and Innovation Centre and Combined Primary and Secondary Resource Centre, as well as additional upgrades to various learning spaces across the College.

What is the timeline for the completion of the Master Plan build?

Stage 2 of the 2021 Master Plan construction has commenced, with construction of Stage 2 of the MPH infill set to begin later in 2024, ready for the 2025 academic year. The 2025-2030 Master Plan will commence construction in 2025.

Will the building disrupt my child’s learning?

Any disruption will be kept to a minimum. There will be some unavoidable noise, however.

Will there be a day care coming as part of the Master Plan?

There are no plans for a College Day Care at this point. We remain committed to delivering an outstanding and supportive Prep - Year 12 educational experience.